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Craft Production

Finesse des Vergers is a family story that has been going on for more than 20 years now. It is also a unique know-how that we strive to pass on: an endless search for new flavors that surprise as much as they comfort, all bottled and produced in Najac, in the heart of Aveyron. Moreover, we are one of the few producers to press citrus fruits on our production site.

If short circuits had a taste, our products would represent them best! At Finesse des Vergers we have only one word in our mouths: local. When our fruits and vegetables do not come directly from our fields, we do our best to reduce intermediaries and exchange directly with fruit and vegetable producers, even going to their fields to check the quality of their products.

We are constantly looking for new flavors to surprise you! Put the taste of the terroir in the bottle thanks to the fruits from our orchards or make you discover different and just as tasty products, such as the organic grapefruit from Corsica, or the tomato from Marmande, our objective remains the same: to make your taste buds salivate!


Our products

At Finesse des Vergers, we value products that are good for our health and our environment. It is this commitment that has led us to create and develop a wide range of organic products and we do not intend to stop there!