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About Us

Finesse des vergers

« I spent my childhood in Aveyron. The love for my native land, I inherited it from my parents, both farmers, who also cultivated vines in our beautiful region.

I haven’t forgotten anything from that time, my mother’s big garden who kept watch over her vegetables. Her blossoming orchards that promised us a juicy picking of different fruits. My mother was always behind the stove, that’s where she cooked to transform her delicious fruits and vegetables into fruits in syrup, jams, soups and grape juice… for the greatest pleasure of our taste buds! A generous and convivial cuisine in the image of his lasting memories. »

« Taken with a passion, 20 years ago, for the cultivation of vines and orchards, I had the idea of ​​perpetuating the pleasures and traditions of my family by creating Finesse des Vergers.

Fruit juices, compotes, jams, condiments, savory products… I have taken up the challenge of reconnecting our customers with nature. Of sharing our family traditions. With my team, we reinvent the recipes and flavors of our region every day to to offer handcrafted products that will take you back in time. »

Our Team

Pierre TOURNIER : Founder & Director of the company

Marie-Claude : Assistant director & Accounting

Sophie PUJOL : Reception & Order processing

Dimitri BERTHELIN: Order picking & Shipping

Mathieu BAUDORRE : Technical-Commercial 

Florence BIBAL : Chief of production

Martin LOMBARD : Production Worker

Laurent FABRE : Production Worker & Machine Maintenance